Can a cat eat dog food?


Everyone knows that cats are much more foodies than dogs. Any alteration in your routine can become a reason to stop eating. Changing your usual dry diet is one of the most common reasons. Others are due to psychological factors such as stress, or they can be caused by physiological factors.

If you have decided to change your usual dry diet for one that responds better to your needs (age or new conditions), we recommend that you combine it with weekly doses of wet food. This type of diet, in addition to providing them with higher levels of hydration, contains ingredients and textures that encourage their levels of appetite. Both Purina Felix and Purina Gourmet have a wide range of recipes formulated to satisfy all types of palates, including the most demanding ones.

Changes in location (transfers or trips) are usually another of the most common causes of incompetence in cats. Felines are very susceptible animals to any alteration, and they need calm, relaxed and safe environments to feel good. The presence of another pet can also cause them discomfort, and encourage their instinct for competition when eating.


Before the first signs of lack of appetite, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines, in case they were a consequence of the aspects mentioned:

- Ration your diet in small doses throughout the day, and place them at a certain height. In this way, you will foster his hunting instinct and get him to perceive that his food is fresh (freshly supplied), and that he cannot dispose of it when he feels like it.

- Stay with him while eating. If the cause of your lack of appetite is of psychological origin (stress), your presence will transmit relaxation and security. Place the bowl in a quiet and noise-free place, and caress it when you offer it.

If none of these guidelines has an effect, and in addition to lack of appetite, you detect that your cat has other symptoms such as mucus, tearing, vomiting, diarrhea, oral infections or others, go immediately to your veterinarian to perform an examination and determine the diagnosis .

In any case and in the absence of visible symptoms, if your cat stops eating for a period of more than 24 hours, it is important that you react on time, because his lack of appetite can lead him to develop a pathology in the liver called hepatic lipidosis. This disease is caused by the accumulation of lipids in the liver of cats that do not eat or reject feeding, and sometimes extreme can be fatal.

Dog food vs cat food

Dog food is basically composed of Beta Carotene, which is a compound that the canine organism is capable of transforming into vitamin A.

Cats do not have this ability, So they need a food that already contains vitamin A. In addition, felines also need Taurine, an amino acid that dogs are able to create.

Canine food is low in fat and protein and high in vitamins, since it is easy for dogs to be overweight. But nevertheless, cats need a high protein and fat content, so if we fed a cat with dog food it could cause malnutrition and seriously ill.

Of course, this is done continuously. Your cat will not die if on a Sunday when everything is closed he has run out of food and you give him your dog, although it would be advisable to give him your food or sausages or tuna that day, but if there are no options, no You can leave it without eating.

Although as much as your cat may like your dog's food, forget it, it's not what he needs.

The same happens in the case of dogs: they cannot eat cat food.

Tips for your cat to eat his com>

It is possible that you have a cat and a dog and that they both get a little involved with their food. Or maybe one likes the smell and taste of the other. If you can't teach everyone to eat their own and identify their feeder, you can do several things:

  • Change the feeder. Do not put two equal feeders, as this will confuse both animals. Choose different shapes and colors and show them which one belongs to each one.
  • Put them in different places. Make each of them eat in different places of the house. If necessary, save the com>

Homemade cat food recipes

Of course, it may happen that cat food is over one day when you don't want to or can't leave home. Be a forecaster and talk to your veterinarian to see what kind of food you can give your cat. Here are some ideas that you will know if your cat can eat or not.

  • Meatballs. Full of protein, they will be a great food for your cat. The meat may have a little fat, but be careful that it is not too much because cats are also overweight. Add vegetables, remember. Your cat also needs vitamins, especially A.
  • Tuna with vegetables. It is as easy as taking a can of tuna, if possible in water, drain it well and mix pieces of carrots or other vegetables. Do not add salt or any other food.
  • Salmon. A piece of grilled salmon will drive your cat crazy. There is nothing he likes more than fish. If you don't have salmon, you can do it with another fish, but we don't know if your cat will love you more for it.

These are just some ideas, but you better than anyone know your friend and know what he likes. yes, remember that giving another type of food is only for an emergency, you should not take it as usual.

Vitamin A

In cat food it is an essential element. Because it is essential for optimal health in the life of cats and many dog ​​foods do not contain it. This is because the food of the dogs is rich in beta-carotene, which the dog's organism can convert into vitamin A.

It is an amino acid that all cats need and like vitamin A, dogs also produce it naturally. Many dog ​​foods do not contain taurine. If you feed your cat with a diet low in this substance, it can generate hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This can also be the result of feeding your cat only with fish, since this food does not contain enough taurine, which is why you may have heard that fish is bad for cats, which is false, although it is good that Maintain a balanced diet.

Protein levels

Protein levels are another reason why you shouldn't give your cat dog food. While there are some dog foods that have a high protein content, most do not contain the appropriate level that felines need. Protein helps cats to be active and have a healthy life, so a low level of these may not kill your cat, but it may turn out that in the long run it gets sick.

Unlike cats, canine taste is less selective in terms of food. It is for this reason that many times the owners of dogs and cats begin to set aside dog food, as these are really satisfied with anything that is brought to the mouth.

Now, unlike cats, Dogs can lead a relatively healthy life if they feed exclusively on cat food, although it is not advisable. Calorie density, as well as the high levels of protein and high doses of fat found in cat food, are not suitable for canine digestion.

Dogs fed with cat food generally tend to be obese and develop degenerative diseases from this condition. In addition, they have a greater involvement in gastrointestinal diseases. Situations such as diarrhea, vomiting and even pancreatitis - which can put your pet's life at risk - are some of the effects caused by food for cats on them.

This can also happen in short periods of time, if you feed your dog with cat food. If you also do it with food for kittens, the consequences will be even more noticeable, since this food has a greater volume of protein and fat.

But, Is my pet at risk for accidentally eating some food of another species? Do not worry, that will not happen, but do not encourage this habit in any of your pets, because their health can be affected by eating food that is not specifically formulated for them.

So is dog food bad for cats?

Dog food contains beta carotene (its organisms convert it into vitamin A), while Cat food is made up of vitamin A and Taurine which is a necessary amino acid for cats but dogs produce it naturally so the food for them does not contain that substance.

The diet for cats should contain more fat and protein than dogs. Although there are cats that can live with low protein intakes, it is not the most suitable for your health. Simply put, cats are carnivorous by nature, while dogs are omnivorous.

The diet for cats should contain more fat and protein

It may be that the cat likes the dog's food and eats it occasionally if you do not realize it but if you provide it as a daily diet what will happen is that it causes poor nutrition since the protein levels in the dog food do not they supplement the needs of cats.

Also, dogs may like the taste of cat food a lot but if it becomes a habit to eat it, it can cause a lot of damage due to the lack of nutrients necessary for its development or excess protein that it does not need, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and finally it can lead to liver or kidney damage.

Dog food contains beta carotene, while cat food is composed of vitamin A and Taurine

What to do if your dog likes cat food or vice versa?

If you find it a little difficult to teach them that they should not eat each other's food then it is better to put them to eat at the same time but in different places. Remember to set feeding schedules and do not leave the food within reach of your pet throughout the day, but at the time indicated for it.

Do not forget to consult your trusted veterinarian for guidance on the best diet for your pet.