How to identify the breed of a dog?


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Imagine that you take a dog abandoned on the street or that you adopt one, but you are not sure which breed it belongs to. A thousand milks? Thanks to this new App developed by Microsoft, the task of finding out will be greatly simplified.

It is only necessary to take a picture of the dog and upload it to Fetch!, which will be in charge of carrying out an exhaustive comparison with its database to determine the breed of our pet.

You can also take a selfie and test which breed of dog you are most like. For example, Hillary Clinton It is a "brazen and strong Terrier" while Kim Kardashian It is an "elegant and pleasant poodle".

Unfortunately, as usual in some Microsoft applications, such as Bing and its translator function, it is only available in the App Store in the United States.

The power of facial recognition

This kind of games increasingly show us the increasing power in the field of facial recognition. Microsoft is already working on Project Adam, which uses a two billion connection network and a database of fifteen million images. As he explains Josep Maria Mainat in his book Optimistic science:

Microsoft has shown that, thanks to deep learning, its system is not only able to recognize a dog in any image, but it can tell with complete precision what breed it is.

Progressively, these systems will also recognize human faces. And know who is who with amazing precision. So that we have a perspective of how quickly the power to recognize patterns evolves, we have to take a look at how ImagenNET has evolved.

It is an annual contest that rewards the artificial neural network that better classifies a group of images. In 2011, the winner classified images with an error rate of 25.8%. In 2012, the error rate was only 16.4%. In 2013, it was 11.7%. In 2014, 6.7%. In January 2015, Baidu achieved an error rate in image recognition of 6%. In February, Microsoft reached 4.9%. In March, Google reached 4.8%. The human being has an error rate of around 5%.

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Observe the physical characteristics of your dog:

We will start looking at the different physical attributes That accompany our dog. Even if you don't believe it, being guided by certain characteristics will help you find the breed of your dog or its parents:

  • Toy
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Big
  • Giant

Size can help us discard certain races and want to investigate others. For example, we find in the giant dog breeds a limited number of specimens such as Great Dane or Tibetan Mastiff among others.

Snout shape:

  • Elongate
  • Short
  • Wrinkled
  • Square

The wrinkled snouts usually belong to the dogs of moloso type as they are the English bulldog or the boxer among others. On the other hand the thinner and elongated snouts can belong to the group of the sightings and those of powerful and thick jaw to that of the terriers.

Taking into account the specific attributes of your dog we will continue analyzing the FCI groups (Federation Cynologique Internationale) one by one so you can locate the breed most similar to that of your dog and orient yourself then of the freepick image.