Border Collie care


The Border Collie is a high-need dog>

Temperament. The Border Collie is like an energy machine. It is an extremely intelligent dog, so much that it intimidates. If you are not an active person that you can spend a lot of time with your pet, don't even think about having a Border Collie. The proper care of this breed is not just to meet their basic needs. It can give you more than many other dogs but it will also demand more from you. Although he is extremely loyal to his owner, he is distrustful of strangers. He will look at you in a way that can make you a fan of this breed.

Exercise. Your Border Collie requires not only a lot of daily physical exercise but also needs mental stimulation. This is not a dog to have in an apartment unless you like to participate in marathons. Your dog can run at your side while you practice, otherwise you need a fenced backyard so that your pet can run fully.

training. The first time you bring a dog home, socialize it as much as possible and take it with you whenever you can. Although the formation of a Border Collie is easy, the challenge keeps him interested. He is a gifted and talented student who will quickly be bored. Since he is so bright and obedient and his instinct to gather in such an intense pack, you must find activities that are fun for both of you. If there are sheep grazing clubs in the area you can take it to use its natural inclination. Surely you have noticed that he watches everything in sight. If you have felines at home you should know that your Border Collie may want to gather them in a pack. If you have children or there are children who usually visit you, you will also want to group them. That is the kind of behavior that needs to be cut at the root. If there are no sheep nearby try agility, search, flyball and other active canine sports to keep your friend motivated.

Cleanliness. The long coat of the Border Collie needs to be brushed regularly but it is a working dog. The American Kennel Club even penalizes those who have excessively careful fur in the exhibits.

Health. The Border Collie is a generally healthy breed but can suffer from eye problems or hip dysplasia that is a malformation of the hip joint. Epilepsy and allergies resulting from skin problems also affect the breed. Buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who must offer you a health guarantee.

The necessary exercise for the border collie

As we have mentioned, the border collie is a grazing dog, and it has an innate capacity for it, therefore, it would be possible that in the case of having cats or small children, the dog would act with them as if he wanted to group them together forming a flock , of course, we must avoid this behavior at all costs and for this the border collie you will need large doses of physical exercise. All dogs need to be exercised but the amount and type of physical exercise will vary depending on the breed and individual characteristics of each animal.

The border collie needs approximately 1 hour and a half of daily exercise, which should be distributed in various walks and activities, such as agility, a sport very suitable for this dog because of the great concentration it has. You can discover with him how to start agility.

An excellent idea, whenever possible, is to go to grazing sheep clubs, this will allow to exploit all the energy and capabilities of the border collie.

Border Collie Training

Training a border collie is a very simple process because these dogs have great intelligence, which means that they learn new orders with very few repetitions, this, together with their characteristic obedience, makes these dogs easy to train.

However, precisely because of its high degree of intelligence, it is very possible that the border collie gets bored during the learning process, therefore, in addition to using positive reinforcement (the most basic pillar of canine training) it is important to discipline it through activities that are attractive to you, for example, sheep grazing whenever possible, agility, search for lost items or running with pets.

Border collie training requires the greatest diversity of activities possible to avoid boredom and optimize the learning process.

The socialization of the puppy

As we mentioned earlier, the border collie is a very sociable dog, both with people and with other animals, however, when this dog reaches adulthood it can be reserved and shy.

To get the border collie show a balanced temperament It is important to avoid this behavior, therefore it is necessary to socialize the puppy as early as possible and ensure that it can be in contact with different people and animals, so, in adulthood our border collie will be confident and friendly.

It is also possible to socialize adult dogs although this process is much longer and more expensive and sometimes it will require the participation of an expert.

The family atmosphere as needed>

The border collie needs ample space to exercise, but also, you need a warm and familiar environment where to live, it is not a dog that we can leave long hours without our company, that would be totally counterproductive to your psychic health.

Remember that it is a docile dog, affectionate and that enjoys games (also by the smallest of the household), therefore, to properly care for our border collie we must dedicate time and affection.

This dog is grateful to live in a warm and familiar environment, a home with numerous members will be ideal for the development of the border collie.

Border Collie fur

Border collie can have two types of fur: short or moderately long. It is an effective protective agent against climatic changes and precisely because of its important function it also deserves special attention.

To keep the Border Collie fur in optimal condition, it requires to be brushed daily, using specific accessories for grooming and canine aesthetic care.

This dog should only bathe when strictly necessary, in fact, due to its nature as a grazing dog, in some beauty competitions an excessively clean, treated or shiny coat is penalized.

Border Collie Health

Like any other dog, the border collie requires periodic veterinary checks and compliance with the vaccination program for dogs.

Although it is a dog that enjoys good health, it is especially predisposed to suffer from hip dysplasia, neurological disorders and eye diseases, therefore regular visits to the vet they will be the most effective way to prevent and detect any of these pathologies beforehand.

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Quality food to grow and stay healthy

Like all dogs, the Border Collie is a carnivorous animal that must be fed above all meat. Whether you give it food or cans, it is very advisable to always read the ingredients label to make sure they do not contain cereals or by-products.

Another option is to give natural food, either Barf, Summum or Yum Diet. In the case that you want to give Barf, it is necessary to be advised by a canine nutritionist, since doing so badly could risk the dog's health.

Physical and mental exercise to guarantee your happiness

The Border Collie is a dog that you need to exercise a lot, both physical (walking, running, practicing some canine sport) and mental (interactive or intelligence games, training). Thus, every day it is advisable to exercise it, taking us for a walk for at least 30 minutes two or three times a day, and play with it at home with an interactive toy and / or do training sessions that last a little (5 minutes) but that be fun

Canine hygiene to always look handsome and clean

This is a hairy one it is essential to brush daily, by first passing a brush and then the Furminator which will remove virtually all dead hair.

Further, once a month it is convenient to bathe it using a dog shampoo.

Every day you can clean your eyes by passing a gauze moistened in warm water, using gauze for each eye.

Ears can be cleaned with gauze moistened in warm water, cleaning only the auditory pavilion (the outermost part of the ear).

If you are given a quality diet, the teeth will not require any special care, but if you want, you can be given raw bones (never boiled, as they could splinter) or chewable that you will find in animal products stores.

And, finally, we cannot forget to take it to the vet whenever necessary. Thus, the hairy will have a happy and long life.

1. Walk through different surface types

Before going for a walk with your dog, plan the tour. Choose the itinerary where there are the greatest number of green or landscaped areas. Prioritize the streets with shady areas. Avoid the hottest hours, you will both appreciate it.

Also do not forget the fountains, lakes or other wetlands that you can include during your walk. Your dog will be very happy to be able to get his feet wet and cool off before returning home as it will help eliminate heat.

2. Equip it with ankle boots 👟👟

As we already mentioned in the article of essential care for your dog in summer there are some boots for dogs. Yes, it sounds amazing but it can be very practical. These boots are insulating with what are perfect for both summer and winter.

Almost certainly, at first your dog feels weird with them so it would be convenient for you to practice with them at home first. Using them can be a good idea if we can not avoid walking with our furry in the hot hours and the walk is mainly through a paved area.

3. Creams to protect the pads

In the market we can find several creams to protect and hydrate the pads. Before applying the cream, clean your dog's pad well. Once the cream is applied according to its composition, think about putting on a sock so that it does not suck.

Some creams available in the market:

Pet Head, oatmeal balm for pads

Naturaldog Organic Balsam

4. Home remedies for dog pads

As for everything we also have natural solutions to protect the pads of our dogs with home remedies. We can give aloe vera. Aloe vera regenerates skin cells favoring the regeneration of the pad. It also acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Helping our dog to walk without feeling pain. And finally, aloe vera is antiseptic, which will prevent infection.

Other options to consider are olive oil or coconut oil.

5. Cure the pads once damaged

Although our dog will not be very funny if he has cracks or burns on his legs we will have to heal them. First you will have to disinfect with water and betadine. Then you can apply healing cream to dog pads such as Blastoestimulin.

We hope you find these tips useful for taking care of your dog's pads and enjoying the walks. If you want to share your experience tell us on our Facebook page.

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