10 things your dog can predict


The cat is an animal characterized mainly by its agility and its beauty, but also by many other characteristics not so common that make them unique.

According to statistics, there are more Americans who have a cat as a pet than those with a dog. What is this about? It seems that this cat with his abilities has captivated millions and millions of people, because for those who still do not know, the cat has been worshiped since time immemorial. Even becoming a real lucky charm in the time of the Egyptians.

Although many people do not like this adorable animal, because they are not inspired by confidence, after reading this article, perhaps the idea they may have about cats changes and they probably want to get hold of one. There are a number of reasons that make the cat a unique and adorable animal in every way. Show attention because you will be surprised and have fun in equal parts.

Do you really love milk?

The typical concept that films have instilled in us that all cats drink milk is a lie. Many are allergic to it and this drink could cause significant health problems, such as the appearance of parasites in their stomach. The same goes for raw fish, although this food may attract them, excessive intake could be fatal to them due to the enzyme tiamasa, which would end up causing very low levels of vitamin B1.

Multiple mustaches

Surely everyone will think that cats only have whiskers on their faces, but at all, they also have whiskers in places of the body such as the chin, the back of the legs or the tail. They use them to orient themselves, improve their perception over short distances and help them measure the spaces they explore.

They predict earthquakes

Do you live in fear of dying in a terrible earthquake? Don't wait any longer, put a cat in your life as a solution to this problem. Thanks to their ability you can prepare to prevent such a situation, as they are able to predict these phenomena of nature. This ability has not yet been scientifically proven, but they are credited with this superpower to his sensory perception ability.

His nose is unique

No cat has the same as another, because in each of them there are a series of personal brands that distinguish it from the rest. Other aspects by which they are distinguished from each other are the spots of their fur, which very rarely coincide exactly.

Contemplative cat: Image: Pixabay

His ears rotate 180º

They are able to rotate their ears up to 180 degrees. You may already know this fact, but do you know that this is possible thanks to the 32 muscles by which they are formed? We have only 6 in this part of the body. Unlike us, they also use them to express their mood.

List of the 10 things your dog can predict

It is proven that dogs have the ability to know when you are pregnant even before yourself. This is because its advanced sense of smell allows you to recognize any hormonal changes your body undergoes.

When you leave

It doesn't matter that you haven't even picked up the house keys to go out or that you haven't put on your jacket. Your pet is able to detect your movements and know that you are leaving. This is very curious considering that animals have no notion of time but a great capacity for observation, so they can anticipate the movements you make.

When you are back home

You don't understand why but before you even get to the corner your dog is already barking or peeking out the window. This happens because of the impressive smell of these animals that are able to smell you from a distance. Also by his tuned ear, because even if your smell is camouflaged inside a car, Your dog will identify the sound of the vehicle meters away.

How you feel

It does not matter if you say nothing, do not look at it or almost do not move, your animal knows if you are happy, sad or angry even if you do not make any movement. They are even able to intuit your emotions.

The connection that is created between a human and a dog is incredible, and especially with women they are able to notice any hormonal changes as well as their emotions and feelings. Thus, If you are pregnant and see that your dog has not been separated from you for a few days, you will have your baby. Your pet feels the need to protect you and by the smell is able to detect the exact moment in which the baby will be born.


We have already spoken to you on occasion of dogs that can detect diseases such as cancer, prostate and even some can detect low levels of sugar and remind their owners that medications should be taken. Again, an achievement due to his incredible sense of smell.

Surely as a child you were afraid of dogs (especially big ones) and your mother told you: "Do not be afraid or it will smell." This although many have believed that it is a myth, is totally true and is scientifically proven. Fear causes our adrenaline to rise and pheromones are generated that our friends dogs are able to smell.

Weather changes

The animals also have a very tuned ear and this together with their instinct makes them predict in advance a climate change. They are able to detect thunder before they reach the place where they are. That is why we can see very nervous dogs on many occasions just before a storm.

When a person is close to death, in his body there are some changes that the dog is able to perceive through his sense of smell. A) Yes, A dog is able to predict the death of a person before it occurs.


Many videos circulate on the Internet that show dogs running like crazy just before an earthquake or an earthquake occurs. It has not yet been possible to verify if this happens because of his smell, his ear or because his legs are more sensitive to seismic waves.

As you can see, there are many things that your dog can predict, so be aware of his movements to know that something is going to happen, sometimes bad, like a disease or an earthquake, and in others, well, like a pregnancy or A labor. Do you already understand why the canine is man's best friend?

The 10 Benefits that pets bring us

Not only will you hear from the people who have, or have had pets in their lives, the incredible amount of benefits over the few damages that a pet can cause at home. It is also scientifically proven that living with an animal can bring you a huge amount of satisfaction.

There are already many psychologists who incorporate animals into therapies to reinforce self-esteem, instill good habits or get people to express their feelings. And is that the company of an animal at home returns a feedback that is often surprising and unexpected.

If you've never had a pet at home, I advise you to keep these 10 benefits that will bring you take care of any animal you decide to include in your family.

4 Physical Benefits

You can get to improve, and much your physical state:

  • Good state of heart health: There are many scientific studies that show that simple gestures such as petting our dog or cat, or simply observing our fish in your aquarium, significantly decrease the heart rate in addition to reducing blood pressure.
    With this positive news we managed to minimize the risk of suffering from heart disease. And not only that, they also increase, and much, the chances of surviving a heart attack. Almost nothing, right?
  • Minimum risk of getting sick and suffering from allergies: Within the society in which we live, so extremely obsessed with germs, being able to affirm that if you have a pet at home you are at less risk of getting sick and suffering from allergies it may sound somewhat contradictory.
    But, nevertheless, it has its logic. Dogs, for example, are full of bacteria, if you live with a dog at home it is easy for it to be full of these small organisms. Far from it seems somewhat unpleasant, it helps our immune system to be better developed to fight any disease or allergy. This is excellent news if, in addition, there are also children in the family. They will develop many better defenses with a powerful immune system.
  • Remarkably improves fitness: This is a part that I love. When you have a dog, for example, have you stopped to think how much exercise you do per week just with the routine of taking it for a walk? Dear reader, you have nothing to envy to a person who goes to the gym, because a British brand of pet products conducted a study in which he recorded the average time spent by dog ​​owners to walk with them. Do I tell you the result?… 05:38 hours / week. And you know that many doctors recommend the exercise of walking as one of the most complete that exist. The vast majority of people who go to the gym do not exceed the time of 01:20 hours / week.
  • It reduces stress: Another scientific study, this time from the Commonwealth University of Virginia (USA), has shown that after spending time with an animal (in the study they talk about a dog) the waves associated with relaxation experience an increase in frequency, in addition of a noticeable decrease in the level of coristol, the stress hormone.
    In some countries people can already take their dogs with them to work, being in the company of your dog is much easier for you to reduce stress levels and, therefore, improve your performance much.

3 Mental Benefits

  • Increase in the hormone of well-being, oxytocin: After sharing a while with our pet, our body experiences an oxytocin high, also called the love molecule. It is a hormone that is always associated with breastfeeding or pleasure, and it helps reduce stress levels and is a great "medicine" against depression.
  • Strengthen self-esteem: when we have a pet at home we become more outgoing, less lonely, more responsible, less fearful, we learn to correctly set our priorities ... in short, an important difference with people who do not have pets.
    In many cases dogs are used to strengthen people's self-esteem. For example, if we put a shy child to read in front of a dog, he will feel great, because the dog will listen to him without laughing at him if he is wrong. This will help the little one to gain self-confidence and will reinforce his self-esteem.
    These practices are also used with people who, being deprived of liberty in prisons, refuse to interact. If they are left with a dog, they will be able to strengthen their empathy, because it is always easier to show feelings towards an animal than towards another person.
  • It improves the feeling of loneliness: Many times, humans go through difficult times that can cause depression and a deep feeling of loneliness. When we are with this great sadness, the fact of having a pet helps us infinitely to improve our mood.
    It forces us to get up and attend to our little friend. Even talking to him and telling him how we feel is a symptom of wanting to get out of that nasty bump. For something they have earned the beautiful qualification of pets.
A dog with his child

3 Social Benefits

  • Improve our social life: Without a doubt, the fact of having to walk our pet, for example, helps us to interact better with others. We usually take our dog to places where there will surely be more people with their dogs, and even if it's just a greeting, we always always exchange words with other people.
    And now also, with the daily use of Social Networks, we can find groups, for example on Facebook, where a common point with the members of that community are pets. It is another way to keep our social life alive.
  • Makes us laugh: Whatever they do, their movements, gestures, mischief, always make us smile. And that therapy is the best in the world.
  • Stimulate the children: In my view, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child with an animal. If you join a child with a dog, for example, you will be surprised at what they can learn together, in addition, the child will grow up with a strong bond of respect for animals, certainly a wonderful value.

After reading all this, who is reluctant to have a pet at home? Why do you no longer think about the “burden” that a dog will assume or have to change the cat's sand?

If this report encourages you to have a pet at home, tell us. Tell us what pet you have decided, share it on our Facebook and Twitter. We will love to read you.

2. When you leave

The animals have a great capacity for observation, and one of their favorite activities is to see you, therefore it detects your movements when you are leaving, even if it is not taking the jacket or the keys. He also has the ability to memorize your schedules so he knows when you leave and when you arrive.

3. When are you going to get home

From before you arrive at the house, your puppy will always be waiting for you and this is because his sense of smell and his hearing are very acute. Therefore he is able to feel your scent a few meters away. He can also hear you from far away and if you go inside a car, he will recognize the sounds of it.

4. Your mood

By the link that has been generated between you and your hairy, he is able to feel if you are sad, happy or angry, even if you don't say or do anything. When it's a difficult time he will want to make you company and comfort you. Likewise, if you are happy, you will want to be part of this and will play or have fun with you.

They can also feel when someone likes you or not, since they recognize your body language. He will become protective with you if he perceives another person as a threat. On the other hand, when you show love towards another person, your system releases dopamine and serotonin which are the substances that produce joy, so your furry will feel this and will show it to the other person.

6. Climate changes

Thanks to their smell, they smell like thunder ionize the air with the formation of ozone and generate a peculiar metallic smell, in addition, they can feel in the legs the vibrations of lightning. They are also sensitive to changes in the pressure of the environment so they have learned to associate a fall in pressure with the storm. That is why, before a storm, you may notice that your furry becomes restless or nervous.

When a person is going to die, their body releases certain chemicals that dogs can sniff. Therefore, days before, your behavior may change, be sad and always be with the person who is going to die.