How to make my dog ​​lose weight?


The long walks and controlling the feeding of your dog will be the two keys for the animal to lose weight.

When we adopt a pet we acquire a great responsibility. Having a dog at home, since he is a puppy, implies that we should teach him all the rules of behavior, starting where to make his needs, to learn what the limits are with respect to the rules of the house and with each of his tenants, how to behave so much inside as outside the home also in relation to the rest of dogs or other pets.

Surely, from the first day, the dog becomes a member of the family for you, whether you live alone or if you have a partner or children. Inside the home the dog will have its place, but it will be loved so that everyone feels this same love for the animal. Therefore, your health should be a priority for each of you. This not only involves taking it to the veterinarian on a routine basis to verify that everything is going well or when you think you are suffering from a medical condition, but also making sure that you are eating properly and that he is performing the physical exercise he needs.

The importance of the walks

All dogs, regardless of their breed or size, they need to go out at least three times a day. This need is not only for hygiene, since it is convenient that they do their needs outside the home, but also so that the animal is not locked up all day. Going out on the street provides a way to get distracted, of smelling new things that stimulate him psychologically and of stretching his legs so that he feels more active and less heavy for having been at home all day, sleeping or making minimal movement.

There are many benefits for their physical and mental health which gives them the fact to go for a walk and spend time with you, so if you do not have this time to dedicate to your pet, it is best to think about another pet and not adopt a dog. Otherwise, you could not provide this essential need that you need, not even the happiness that every pet deserves. In addition, you could contribute to the lack of exercise leading to obesity or to develop a bad behavior, since it would not have how channel this energy which has accumulated after spending the whole day locked up.

However, no matter how much you take your dog for a walk three times a day, you may realize that he is gaining weight progressively or suddenly. As with humans, Excess weight can be very dangerous for your health, besides the animal does not finish feeling comfortable with its own body, since these extra kilos will not allow it to move normally. So, if you think your dog has gained a lot of weight or your veterinarian has told you that he is overweight, the best will be follow his advice to get you to lose weight and enjoy life again as it deserves.

Control your meals

One of the reasons why your dog may be overweight will be because he is eating more than he should. You may be guided by his hunger and feed him the amount you think he needs. However, dogs are animals that in nature have to hunt to eat, so they eat the amount they have been able to capture that day, knowing that the next day maybe they hunt a smaller piece or nothing at all. Therefore, when they live as pets we should not have your hunger as a reference, since they could eat unlimitedly, until they hurt themselves in their own organism.

Not all dogs eat with the same craving, but it's up to you to calculate the amounts. Most brands specializing in dog food come with a meter and exact amounts according to the size and weight of your dog. Your veterinarian may recommend special dietary feed for dogs in case it has been recommended that you should lose weight. Also, you should not give him any food other than the specific one for dogs, since this contains all the vitamins, proteins and nutrients that your dog needs. If you give him what you eat you could cause him stomach aches and pains, also contributing to gain weight unnecessarily.

Introduce the sport through the game

Now that you know the importance of going for a walk three times a day for the benefit of physical and mental health of your dogIt is essential that you know that the walk should not be limited to ten minutes and a slow march, but that you should make it more energetic if you want your pet to lose weight. To do this, you can go with toys to the park or to an open area where you can run for them. If you're afraid to leave your dog loose, buy a long or extensible chain So you can run more freely.

In the event that you enjoy good health, take this opportunity to go jogging with your dog, with roller skates or with the bike. Maybe you should teach your dog to run in a straight line, so that he cannot make you both fall or cause an accident, but once he has learned you will see that it is an ideal way for him to play sports and lose weight by having a good time. Remember that if your dog had a very sedentary life you will have to introduce the sport progressively in his life and follow the veterinarian advice, who can best help you to get your pet to lose weight, gain health and feel completely happy.

1. Evaluate the situation

To find out if your dog is overweight, an easy test is to touch your ribs: Normally your ribs should not be visible but you should be able to feel them easily when touched, if you do not feel them it is likely that your dog is overweight.

Another option is to weigh it and compare its weight with the average weight of the breed: a excessfrom 10% to 20% It is considered overweight, beyond it is about obesity.

Ideally, a visit with your veterinarian to establish the ideal weight of your dog and thus have the goal to achieve in the mind. In addition, your veterinarian can determine if any cause such as a hypothyroidism test leads to being overweight.

2. A team work

After having assessed the situation and determined the objective, the most important thing is that the whole family makes the decision to put the dog on a diet and to stick to it. Otherwise the efforts will be in vain: if one continues to give him treats while the others resist his pleading eyes, it will not work.

To get your dog to lose weight everyone must do their part, from the smallest to the largest.

3. Adequate food

Food is logically one of the first parameters that we must modify: with the help of your veterinarian, determine the amount of food you need each day.

If you decide to change your feed to a I think "Light" Do it progressively to avoid causing your dog digestion problems: start by mixing a small amount of the new feed into the old and gradually increase the proportion of the new feed.

An adult dog only needs one or two daily meals, avoid leaving the feed freely available all day, it is also important that you give your meals at fixed times and in a certain place.

In addition, the dog should be alone during their meal: if you have other pets avoid giving them their food in the same place or at the same time. The presence of other animals makes your dog, anxious to have his food stolen, eat faster. Preventing our dog from eating quickly is useful for better digestion and to avoid stress.

5. The role of the com>

Do not always give treats: to educate our dogs we tend to use treats as rewards, used in excess participate in the overweight of our dog. There are others ways to reward our dog: cuddling or playing with your favorite toy are healthy options.

We must know how to recognize the rewards to which our dog is most sensitive: if the treat in the form of a treat is what you prefer and you do not want to stop giving it this pleasure, you can try with candies lights, or you can simply give him every grain of feed one at a time.

Avoid giving him remnants of the table: a dog should not ask for food while eating, it is bad for his education and for his health.

6. Physical exercise

For your physical and mental health, your dog needs to exercise every day, to stimulate it you can vary therides and games. Exercising the dog is a necessity, some breeds require less exercise than others, but in general physical exercise is essential for their good health and well-being.

But the exercise should be done progressively to avoid muscle problems: if your dog is sedentary and does not usually do sports, use it gradually. If you have a puppy Do not take long walks with him until he is one year old, to avoid joint problems.

There are different types of exercise for obese dogs: throwing a ball or a stick, you can also try canine sports such as agility, or you can do walks with your dog, bike rides or go jogging with your dog.

There are many ways to make your dog exercise and ranges from gentle exercise to more intense sport, and a physical activity with your dog will strengthen your complicity with him.

7. Determination

As nice as your cute dog is when he asks for food, you have to resist, and it won't always be easy.

If you do not have treats at home you will find it less difficult, when you prepare food for yourself or your family, you do not let your dog be around you, close the doors if necessary: ​​indeed the change of diet might not like it and he could try steal or harass you with endearing faces to give him food.

Overweight in the dog is usually due to the man who has an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, which makes his dog also has an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, after ruling out a health problem with your veterinarian, restoring a good quality of life will allow your dog to have its ideal weight and live longer and in better health.

If you want to know more things for your dog's obesity, do not hesitate to visit our post with tips to prevent obesity in dogs.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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How to know if my dog ​​is fat?

The first symptom of being overweight is that you get tired much faster than before when you play. After that warning, you have to check if your stomach is 'dropped'. Normally, a dog's belly is ascending, that is, concave. If you have it down is that there is fat in the area. Continue your check by examining your ribs, are you able to touch them and count them? No and before you could?

To finish confirming that he is fat, check his waist from above, can you see it? If after this test you confirm that your dog is overweight, put a query with these data to our online veterinarians, so you can confirm the diagnosis and start the diet and the appropriate exercise program. We tell you to do this before putting it on a diet because there are cases of dogs that have gained weight but do not eat much, which is a symptom of a disease.

How to make an obese dog lose weight?

If it is confirmed that you are overweight, Your veterinarian will suggest a specific program to recover the line. Remember that, as with humans, losing weight is not just an aesthetic issue, it prevents heart attacks and joint problems. It is important that you go to a veterinarian because if it detects that it is a case of severe obesity you will have to resort to medications, not just at a specific meal rate.

If your dog is fat, play on two fronts: exercise and diet. Many hairy people gain weight because we neglect their diet, we do not ration it well, we cram them to treats and we do not give them healthy dishes. That is, the diet for your dog to lose weight starts in you.

First, take your dog in your arms and take it to the scale with you. Weigh together and then subtract your weight, that of your dog. Your vet will have told you which one you have to reach. Take a notebook that has a calendar and write your hairy one. Repeat this process every two days.

Homemade diets to make my dog ​​lose weight, are they recommended?

There are homemade diets for dogs based on the reduction of carbohydrates and the increase of proteins, but these have two problems: the rebound effect and not be supervised by a specialist, which does not guarantee that your dog is receiving the energy needed to perform the exercise that his body needs.

There are specific light feed for dogs on the market, which will be the ones you will put in the feeder. As you will have to spend some time without giving him any goody, you can change them for healthy homemade recipes for him. We recommend you try veal and pasta, all very well done, or with white fish and rice. Of course, there is never a bone or a spine, because it can harm you by swallowing it by accident.

Chicken is also a great meat that you can combine with carrots, for example. All well cooked so that the aromas make the ingredients turn these dishes into very appetizing ones. Write down the days on which you give them on the calendar, to control the calories you eat in relation to your usual food.

Take it to the vet

Obviously this will be the first thing you should do, since In this way you can determine with the help of a specialist everything related to obesity that your canine suffers, either how many kilos you should lose, or simply the most advisable options to restore your pet's metabolism.

These two aspects are of the utmost importance, since once you know them you will be able to start the process of thinning the dog without this threatening your health, because when you make you lose weight the wrong way, you can cause damage which in some occasions are irreversible.

When you are with the veterinarian do not forget to express all your worries and doubts so that there is no inconvenience when you start the new life with your dog, since definitely, to eliminate obesity, important changes in routines and customs are necessary.

How to ration my dog's food so that he loses weight

A veterinarian will explain how to ration your furry's food. Each race or weight requires a minimum recommended amount of feed per day to lose weight but at the same time have fuel to exercise. Buy a volume measurement container and use it to distribute your ration in different shots throughout the day.

Check how he reacts, if it is satiated or if it asks for more. The key is to find the desired balance between eating well and losing weight. You have to do this process with the help of a veterinarian so that your dog does not eat less when he can eat more, also so that you have a support when your friend asks you to think and can not give him another gram.

Fat dog exercises you can do at home

To lose weight you will have to walk more with him and on longer journeys. Do not force him to run if he cannot, but increase his regularity and speed up the march little by little. Another sensational exercise for him is swimming, but what can you do indoors?

There are a wide variety of toys designed for sports indoor, both purchased and homemade. In particular, we recommend those who throw the ball away, at the other end of the hall and having your hairy to pick it up and return it to its place.

In summary: For your dog to lose weight you have to make him follow a diet and a set of exercises supervised by your veterinarian. You will have to monitor every gram you lose and play more with it. With effort and dedication, your dog will stop being fat and you will get what you most want: May I live more years with health and happiness.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

Establish a healthy diet

As expected, a healthy diet is essential to make your little four-legged friend lose weight, so it is essential to reduce not only the amount of food you eat, but also the times you eat, if it is more than three times a day.

You must also remove the treats from your diet, since these are harmful to their health by making them fat and increase cholesterol levels in their blood, so you will have to not give them too much, even if it is the prize you give them when they behave properly.

To avoid this being very complicated for your pet, it is essential that you replace the treats with foods that are better for your health, such as the following:

Similarly, low-calorie cookies are also recommended, however, it is essential that you constantly check if the food your canine consumes is good for your health.

Exercise him to lose weight

If you have ever heard that canines are very similar to humans, all this becomes more true than ever when you should lose weight, since As with us, the best solution of all is to perform exercises, since physical activity puts in shape and eliminates the extra kilos.

To do this with your partner, you must take him for a walk and start walking slowly if you have not gotten used to this type of activity, so it is best to start from scratch so that you slowly increase the pace and the distances of the exercise.

It is important that when you start walking do not let yourself be distracted by the objects or people that you will find on the road, since when you lose your concentration the little one can stop the exercise and it will cost a lot to get him back on track.

When the canine is not used to performing this exercise, It is important that you perform an activity that represents little effort before it starts.

One that can be quite effective is to play to throw the ball so that it returns, because this will see it as a game and will prevent you from getting bored or losing interest when you start exercising.

Do not forget!

Each canine is completely different, so if you want it to lose weight, It is essential that you take him to the specialist every two weeks, so that he can determine if everything is going well.

Remember that being its owner and best friend, you must have patience and treat it as it deserves, because being a drastic change in your life the best you can do to give all your love.