Reasons not to have a cat


Have a pet It's always a great idea if you're willing to give him what he needs and make him happy. But having a cat may be one of the best options! And the cat is one of the best pets for many reasons, we will give you the best 10!

10. It could save your life

Did you know that there are animals prepared to save the lives of their owners? Both dogs and cats, there are those that can detect a drop in sugar or a heart attack, as well as malignant tumors.

Have you decided to adopt a cat yet? You will get unconditional love and company in exchange for very little.

All benefits

All animal lovers, and in particular cat lovers, we know the amount of benefits of having a cat at home. But, for those who still doubt, today we leave you the 10 reasons to adopt it in our home.

It is inevitable to feel accompanied when we have an animal at home, and even more so if it gives us love and love day by day. They will reach our hearts in a short time.

What are cats like?

Cats have a particular and different character from other pets. Although it cannot be generalized because everyone has their own personality, there are common features that characterize them. They are usually independent, curious and careful with the cleanliness of their surroundings.

Adult cats stay most of the day in low activity, and generally take naps of several hours. They are very agile and their form of play is almost always a sequence of hunting, following a string or staying crouched to jump on their toy.

Another important activity in your daily life is grooming and staying neat. They also do not like that their environment is dirty, if their sand tray is not clean enough they may look for alternative sites to meet their needs.

Cats are curious, especially they like high places to watch and feel protected. If they have a window, they can spend a good time looking through it.

Cats, like dogs, have very complex communication systems. Within the same species, communication is based on body postures, sounds and smells that mark the territory or members of the same pack. Cats have also developed other mechanisms to relate to the human species. Meowing is the most effective way to get the attention of humans, for example they use vocalizations to communicate with us and rarely to communicate with other cats.

When it comes to having a cat you should also keep in mind that they are very sensitive to changes. If a cat becomes accustomed to living in a house since it is small, it is not advisable to radically change the place where it lives. Cats are easily stressed with these types of changes so you must be clear about what your space will be before adopting it.

If you want to know what a cat can do for you, don't miss the following list of Scientifically proven reasons for the benefits of having a cat.

Scientific reasons that prove that a cat is good for you

Recent studies indicate that having a pet, especially a cat, is beneficial to human health for different reasons.

Cats have a positive impact on mental health, something that cat owners do not catch by surprise, because they know that petting them can be very therapeutic and helps relax daily tensions. This is reflected in a survey of 600 people by the English organization Cats Protection, in which 87% of cat owners said their pets have a positive impact on their well-being.

The most surprising thing is that these beneficial effects can also be obtained through the screen. A study from the Bloomington University of Indiana in which more than 7,000 people participated concluded that watching videos of cats increases energy and positive emotions in those who see it, and decreases negative feelings.
Cats decrease the risk of heart disease. Having a pet has positive aspects for your cardiovascular health. Petting your cat frequently is an effective method of controlling anxiety.

It is shown that people who live with them decrease their stress level and blood pressure, factors that are closely related to heart disease. Recent studies suggest that people with cats have a lower risk of death from heart attack, including stroke. (Cat ownership and the Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Diseases. Results from the Second National Health and Nutrition Examination Study Mortality Follow-up Study)

In children with psychological and social problems a cat can be very helpful. The University of Missouri researchers found that children with autism who had pets in their environment improved their social interaction. For any child, a cat, in addition to a friend, helps to know values ​​such as respect, responsibility and assertiveness.

Cats are capable of emitting a peculiar sound that we know as purring. The mechanism to produce it is not very clear but according to the American veterinarian W.R. McCuistion is involved the flow of air and blood from the chest.

Felines use this sound as part of their communication between their own species or with humans. Purrs are common between the mother and her young. Traditionally it has been thought that purring was an expression of well-being, but the truth is that it occurs frequently in stressful and painful situations such as visiting the veterinarian or in a post-operative. It is thought that the meaning of purring could be a demand for attention and care.

Recently a study from the University of California has given a new function to the purr, this vibration It could improve the condition and recovery of body structures such as bones, tendons and muscles.

Cats are very agile animals and able to recover well from their injuries. Purring could be a mechanism to stimulate your bones and muscles without spending a lot of energy and keep them healthy and active. Possibly the secret of "their seven lives." Humans living with cats can also benefit from this mechanism. The purring, like the voice, is different in each animal but its frequencies vary between 20-150 Hz. Currently, frequencies of 18-35 Hz are being used in biomechanical stimulation therapies in humans.

They prevent against infections and allergies. Contact with pets at an early age has been shown to strengthen the immune system of children and make them less susceptible to infections, especially the respiratory tract. On the other hand, it seems that living with a cat and the allergens it produces makes children subsequently less reactive to allergies.

It can even help you flirt. In studies to determine which traits are attractive when looking for a partner, almost 90% of the women interviewed preferred men with pets.

Have all the benefits that cats have for humans caught your attention? Well there is more. In the next section we explain some other advantages that these cats have in our homes.

5.Good for our health

Having a pet at home is considered preventive medicine. Whether cat or dog, what is clear is that it promotes health and prevents future problems. There are many studies that confirm this theory: people's health is better when there is a pet nearby, can reduce blood pressure, combat stress and prevent heart disease. In addition, they are especially favorable for children, the elderly.

Advantages of having a cat at home

Cats are animals with little activity for long periods, They spend most of the day sleeping or resting. This can be an advantage if for work or complicated schedules you are many hours away from home. They also do not need rides or an excessively large space to move.

Keep in mind that with the penumbra, that is, at sunrise and sunset the cats have their maximum activity, it is in these hours when the cat will want to play and will demand more attention. If you are going to stay several hours alone, especially if it is when your activity increases, it would be advisable for your cat to have entertainment. They can be toys, interactive games or a playmate. Some behavior problems are solved if there are two cats in the house instead of one.

Cats are careful animals with their own hygiene. Another of the great uses they make of their time is grooming. They do not like to remain with dirty feet or careless fur, so it is difficult for them to dirty the house of footsteps. Of course, there is a frequent change of fur and hairs can be annoying if they remain attached to clothes and furniture.

It is recommended to brush at least once a week, which can become a pleasant experience for our animal if we get used to it. The same will happen with bath time.

On the other hand, collecting animal bowel movements is one of the most frequent complaints of pet owners and cats have a point in favor on this issue. Almost from the beginning they learn to use the sandbox for their needs. Of course, we must keep it clean and away from the food and rest area.

Affectionate but independent, cats can be tremendously loving animals, look for our caresses and decide that the perfect place to take a nap is our lap, but they seem to regulate the moods of their human companion. They are one of the most empathic animals, that is, when there are visits or the owner is with another activity they are able to disappear or return to their own tasks and when the human demands more affection, for example with a disease, the cat does not move on your side

Their behavior, gestures and general aesthetics are attractive to humans, in other words we like to look at cats. Following your adventures is entertaining and the internet is a good example of this.

Another positive aspect of cats is their behavior as indirect teachers. They are able to teach values ​​such as patience and sweetness, which can be of great help if you live with a child.

This can be explained by the behavior that cats have in the face of conflicts. They are not like dogs or other pets. The usual feline response to a conflict is flight, that is to say with cats it is not worth screaming and fighting because they will not listen to us and the relationship with them may get worse. This behavior forces to look for other communication routes, less aggressive.

Be careful, when a cat feels threatened and there is no possibility of escape, the answer may be the fight, it should be taken into account with young children who can force this situation without realizing it.

In addition to these advantages and the physical benefits that cats may have, the blanket function is very good, they provide a very pleasant heat and they like to sleep next to us or at the foot of the bed. But not all are advantages, living with a cat can have some drawbacks that we comment below.

7.Fits everything

We can have a cat in any residence. Since a great Dane pro example would not be very comfortable in a small flat, the cat suitsany situation and home. Whether it's a mansion or a small apartment, our cat will be happy.

Disadvantages of having a cat

We have talked about the benefits of living with a cat but there are also a number of disadvantages that should be taken into account before adopting a cat.

Their hair, skin and some components of their urine and saliva trigger allergic responses in a significant portion of the population, and can become very serious. There are allergen tests to determine if a person can be allergic to cats. In case you are allergic to cats and live with one of them extreme hygiene measures so that in the environment there are the least possible hair and skin particles. There are also some products that minimize risk by preventing allergens from dispersing.

Some of the ways of communication of cats can be annoying. The marking with urine is one of the behaviors that most annoy the owners along with the scratches of the furniture (another form of marking). To avoid this, this behavior can be redirected to another type of signaling that is less annoying, such as facial marking (cats deposit pheromones rubbing some objects with their faces). Synthetic pheromones that have a relaxing effect on the animal and prevent labeling are also marketed. In adult male cats, castration in many cases involves abandoning this behavior.

Cats are animals that do not show their pain or it is very difficult for us to recognize them. If our kitten is bad or has a disease, it is likely that it will go unnoticed until the situation is serious. To avoid this we must look at changes in their habitual behavior, such as stop eating or if the coat is neglected which will mean that something prevents you from devoting the usual time to grooming.

You can learn more about the main diseases of cats with our guides:

You should also keep in mind that good hydration is essential to maintain the good health of our kitten. In this guide on cats and water you will discover how much a cat should drink and what diseases it can get if it is not properly hydrated.

Cats are also easily stressed and sometimes we find it difficult to know the cause of their agitation. Having visits at home, a new family member, renovations or simply changing our usual rest area can cause anxiety to our cat. The best way to minimize cat stress would be to anticipate and anticipate these types of situations using synthetic pheromones or making progressive adaptation.

Our cat's sexual behavior can also be a problem on certain occasions. The cat is a seasonal polyestric female, that is, it has several jealousy of about 7 days that are repeated in the reproductive period every 10 or 15 days. The reproductive time is usually about 7 months. During the heat the cat is more disturbed, usually meowing, demanding attention, rubbing and sometimes they stop eating and lose enough weight. In very problematic cases, jealousy can be controlled with medical and surgical treatments, so the best option is to consult with the veterinarian the most appropriate way in each case.

In order for our cat to be healthy and completely at home, the space must be adapted to his needs. If you want to know how and what are the basic cares that cats need, continue reading the next section.

10. They adapt to other pets

They can live with other pets in the same home. As usual The fact of having a cat with another pet is not usually a problem. In fact, the cat will treat another species with great care and delicacy if it becomes accustomed to it.

So you know, for those who saw some inconvenience in having a cat, Here you have the wonderful advantages that this pet gives us. From here, we encourage you to give this opportunity to enjoy an amazing and extraordinary pet, cheer up!

Thanks: Easy / feline-, Flickr / TingChang, Flickr / leann_b

Suggestions when caring for a cat

In order for the cat to have an adequate environment, he will need rest zone, with a pleasant temperature and where you feel protected. If possible we will put several heights. We can also include a scraper where the nails are stretched, that will prevent scratching furniture or walls.

As for the hygiene of our cat, it will be necessary to have a sand tray or other industrial binder to meet your needs. It is recommended to have one more tray at home than cats. It should be clean and away from the feeding or resting area, thus avoiding rejection problems.

The change of coat is continuous in cats although it is accentuated at some times of the year. Frequent brushing will improve the appearance of our cat and prevent hairs from spreading throughout the home.

The socialization of the cat is important so that living with him is pleasant. In the education of the cat we must avoid shouting, sudden movements and of course blows. As we have already mentioned, the way cats play is a sequence of predation, so It is recommended that we do not play with them directly with our hands. As a child, it may not be a problem but they can injure us as adults. To do this, it is preferable to use toys or reeds.

Food and water intake are very important factors for the life of our cat. Their needs will vary depending on the age of the animal, lifestyle and whether it is neutered or not, since neutered cats have a greater tendency to gain weight. When they are young it is important that they take all the nutrients sufficient to grow and develop correctly. There are adequate feed for each situation.

It is important that they have available clean water, in several containers distributed throughout the house. To maintain the health of our cat it is also important to make periodic reviews at the veterinarian, who will design a vaccination and deworming plan appropriate to the situation of our cat.

Now it's your turn to talk to you! If you have a kitten at home, tell us how you take care of it or what your favorite games are. Surely your experience is helpful for other people who are thinking of having a domestic cat! Leave us a comment below!

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